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Scott Testing is an independent electrical testing and maintenance firm with over 30 years of experience. In addition to our highly skilled technicians, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment to assure maximum safety, reliability, and efficiency.

What We Do

The purpose of any acceptance testing or preventive maintenance program is to prevent serious electrical failure and its consequences.

Acceptance testing is performed on new equipment, usually after it has been installed, but prior to being energized. Acceptance testing is valuable in assuring that equipment has not been damaged during shipping or during installation. It also includes a comprehensive visual inspection and operational check-out of all circuitry and apparatus.

As soon as new equipment is installed, deterioration begins. Deterioration is normal, but equipment failure is not inevitable. Along with malfunctioning equipment, other factors add to the problem of existing systems. Some additional factors include load changes, circuit alterations, and improperly set protective devices.

Fortunately, many problems can be detected through regular routine maintenance and corrected prior to damage of equipment or costly downtime. Electrical equipment can be engineered to be dependable, but it takes regular maintenance to keep it that way.

Who We Serve

  • hospitals Hospitals
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Our Services

We offer a cost effective approach to electrical testing and maintenance which assures trouble-free startup of new systems and keeps existing systems operating at optimal efficiency.

Transformer Testing
Generator and Motor Testing
Cable Testing
Medium/High Voltage Circuit Breakers
Low Voltage Circuit Breakers
Remanufactured Circuit Breakers
Protective Relays
Automatic Transfer Switches
Meter Calibration
Instrument Transformers
Insulating Fluid Analysis
Power Metering and Surveys
Motor Control Centers
Battery and UPS Systems
Grounding Systems
Circuit Breaker Retro-Fits
Relay Panel Retro-Fits
Infrared/Thermal Scanning
Planned Preventive Maintenance
Project Installation Supervision
Engineering Services

Our Team

Our project managers and field service professionals are trained to ascertain the needs of any electrical system. They are ready to assist you in organizing your electrical testing and maintenance program.

  • Victoria Nielsen


  • Michael Nielsen

    Project Manager

  • Russell Sorbello

    Project Manager

  • Brian Bongart

    Project Manager

  • Thomas Monte

    Office Manager

  • Don Lucas


  • Samantha Eisenhauer

    Administrative Assistant

  • Mike Conners

    Shop Manager

General Info

Thank you for your interest in Scott Testing. For additional information you may contact us during regular business hours (8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST). For emergencies, please call us on our 24/7 hotline.

  • 245 Whitehead Road
    Hamilton, NJ 08619
  • 1-609-689-3400 (office)
    1-609-689-0010 (fax)
    1-609-947-4004 (emergency)
  • testingclerk [at] scotttesting [dot] com
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